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Courtney Blakemore
​Courtney's first experience in Montessori was as a child when she attended a children's house of 3-6 year olds.  
After attaining her BA in English and Social Sciences from Stephens College, she returned to the Montessori classroom in 1996 as an assistant teacher.  Courtney describes her return to the Montessori preschool environment as, "coming home". From that point on, Courtney was hooked.  She earned her Montessori primary teaching certificate in 1998 and has set about making Montessori her life's work. After more than 15 years working with children, training student teachers and instructing at accredited training centers, her commitment to create an environment that nurtures the whole child is evident in all aspects of Pathway.  From the meticulously designed environment, to her work with staff and families, Courtney leaves no stone left unturned in creating a nurturing, joyful place for children to grow.  

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