I would like to voice a lot of praise for this fine establishment. I have searched for a few YEARS, looking for this type of school for my children. I drove up to Itasca, Lisle, Warrenville, Naperville, Clarendon Hills. My son started at this school the summer prior to his Pre-K year. The minute we walked in we knew we found the right place. He thrived in his environment. He was provided with many self-growing opportunities that surrounding Montessori Schools couldn't offer. For instance, the director was about "following the child" which is what Maria Montessori believed. The directress/head of school is one of the most compassionate women I have ever met. She never got defensive when I would ask a question about my child's day, she would make time. She is a highly educated Montessori Teacher. We continued at this school until my son went to first grade. If the school was open to Elementary Education we would still be there.  One of my best stories from my son’s time at Pathway is the "Life Lesson" that he took away from it at such a young age. My 6 yr. old (at the time), had to get his Kindergarten "shots". The month prior to his appointment he was sick with a cold. We went to the doctor and towards the end of the appt., the Doctor said, “Ok, I’ll see you guys in a month, and we will get you all ready to go to Kindergarten." Well we all knew what that meant.  And the Doctor also said, "I have a question for you, would you like all 4 shots at once and be done, OR would you like 2 and then come back for 2 more?" So I looked at my son and he sat on the table, cris-crossed his legs, closed his eyes, put his hands on his lap, and sat quietly. Then one hand went into the air, and then the other. Needless to say, the doctor and I were looking at one another trying to figure out what he was up to. About 2-3 minutes later, he uncrossed his legs and said, "I'll take all 4 please." I said WOW! what are you doing? He said, “Mom, Ms. Courtney tells us every day at school that when we have a hard choice to make, we should sit quietly and if you sit and think in silence about your choices, you will be able to make the decision easier”. He also had a name for it. He calls it the "Silence Game."  To this day,(2 years later), he uses it when he makes choices that he is unsure of. This is a “Life Lesson” that most adults don't know. So to me that was a gift that this school gave to my son. My Husband and I are grateful we searched for a while when we were trying to find schools for our children. We made the right choice. I only wish they had an Elementary school. 
​-Nowak Family, Darien 2008-2010

Her passion for the children is evident in every part of this school, from the staff she hires who share that passion for children, to the classroom itself and every detail which has been attended to. We will be very sad to say good-bye to this school which has become a part of our extended family. We have enjoyed our relationships with Courtney and her staff as well as the other parents in the school.
Crooks Family, Downers Grove 2008-2011

Pathway Family Testimonials

You'll know when you walk in the door that this is a special place. We looked a long time for a school for our two children that could meet the academic needs of both very different learning styles. This school challenged my eager-to-learn child and continued to find ways to encourage and engage my more reluctant child. My older child went on to first grade with a love of school and learning and continues to use the skills she learned at Pathway in her elementary school. My younger child will graduate from Pathway's kindergarten program this year a confident kid ready for first grade. We have cherished our relationship with the director, (Courtney) knowing we could go to her with any challenges we were facing, whether inside the classroom or at home, and having the confidence that she would work with us to find a resolution. 

Dabrowski Family, Alumni

Many things happen to families that are unexpected in life -
Our family lives a very unconventional life and Pathway Montessori has helped us guide our child through this unconventional life. Our daughter has grown so much socially, verbally, emotionally and continues to amaze us as she attends Pathway. We chose Pathway for her Kindergarten education next year because our daughter has grown so much in one year of preschool that we decided to nurture her education and social skills with the Pathway teachers.
​-VanHoutan Family, Downers Grove, 2010-12                                                                                                               

​a learning community built around children

We love this school. We were specifically looking for a Montessori school and many others that we considered did not match up. When we first visited the school we walked into what I had imagined a true Montessori should be like. The school is bright with natural light, the materials are displayed at the children's level and the walls are decorated with the children's' work. Not to mention the atmosphere was quiet and calm. We were also kindly greeted by several students who were proud to show us their school. After this visit we knew this was the school for our daughter. My daughter is in her second year at the school and she loves it. She often wonders why she can't be at school on Saturdays and Sundays too. I have also had the pleasure of volunteering as part of a classroom committee where I have spent many Saturdays with the teachers and parents preparing materials and planning activities for the children. The head teacher is very knowledgeable of the Montessori Method and passionate about teaching the children. I always feel comfortable approaching her regarding any matter. She has always been honest, straight forward and is always willing to work with us. Pathway Montessori is a 5 star school. 
​-Roth Family, Downers Grove 2010-13