*We have found that keeping a consistent schedule is most beneficial to children.  It enables them to anticipate the day and thereby feel in charge of of what's happening from one day to the next.   

         School Programs

*All programs at Pathway are 5 days a week. Children who attend school on a regular basis have a very enriching experience. 

                     Half-Day & Full Day Programs

                       Kindergarten 5 day program

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​a learning community built around children

The Kindergarten Year

The Kindergarten year marks the culmination of the child's journey through the classroom from 3 to 6 years of age. From the child's first year in the classroom at 3-4 years old, she begins to order her world and gain control of her body in the Practical Life area and understand spacial relationships through the use of concrete Sensorial materials. In her second and third years, she begins to perceive more abstract concepts through use of the Math and Language materials. Finally, in her last year of school, she uses the tools she has acquired throughout her classroom experience to tackle advanced academics and the Cultural subjects. 

As the child enters a stage of development when her interest in the world begins to broaden, the kindergarten curriculum fuels the child’s fire for learning content and answers to the "why" and "how" of life.  The materials and lessons are built around the child’s natural sense of wonder and developing academic expertise.  Our kindergarten curriculum is structured around the Cultural Subjects: the child’s relationship to time, place, and the natural world.

Montessori Preschool Program

Pathway Montessori has a special warmth and openness that is so inviting to children.  With it's homelike feel, the children are comfortable to explore the environment tailored to their small hands and stages of development. The child-size wood furnishings appeal to the children's aesthetic sense while the materials neatly laid out on shelves calls to children's natural sense of order.   

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 are grouped together in one classroom.  Uniquely Montessori, vertical grouping encourages children to interact with their peers as well as with older and younger children. In this way, the children can experience both being nurtured and nurturing others.  

Throughout the morning, the children are free to choose their activities and work individually or with friends, until their interest is fulfilled. The teacher in the classroom acts as a personal guide to each child's individual learning path. The teacher observes the child's interests and presents the materials that build on those interests. She gives short lessons to an individual or small group, that highlights a specific set of facts, then allows the child(ren) to continue to explore. 
​This style of education generates knowledge for life. The freedom to choose according to interest, and the time to thoroughly explore that interest, enable children to process information completely. This fosters independent and critical thinking and a life long love of learning.

​Why Kindergarten at Pathway is ideal

  • Children are guided by the teacher who really knows how they think and process information as well as what inspires them.

  • In the Montessori Classroom, children are encouraged to explore at their own pace. Children can study dinosaurs or work on math for as long as they are interested- kind of like graduate school.  

  • The curriculum is hands-on, enabling children to understand what they are learning.  For example, they have taken the time to experience taking the flower apart before naming all the parts. 

  • The curriculum is tailored to the children- both individually and as a group.  Each child has his/her own interests and every group has its own dynamic.  The teacher builds on this dynamic allowing children to inspire and be inspired. 

  • ​As part of building leadership and cooperative social skills, we emphasize how to communicate in a group.  Children are encouraged to problem solve and brainstorm together in support of each other's positive motives. 

  • ​Pathway always fosters community spirit.  

  • We offer a 5-day Kindergarten Program.