Admissions Procedure

Once you have determined Pathway is the right fit for your family, the admission process can begin. 

Pathway Montessori is open to children of all races, sexes, religions, nationalities and physical diversities. What we look for in a prospective student is a match between Pathway’s approac​h to child development and a families’ enthusiasm to work in partnership.  

1. School Interview.  A meeting with both parents and the Director is scheduled for a mutually convenient time. Meeting together serves as a foundation for working together in support of your child's learning at Pathway.  

2. Enrollment forms and fees. Application forms and a tuition contract can only be accepted with all applicable enrollment fees along with a security deposit. Applications cannot be accepted without a security deposit.

3.  Applicants are accepted on a 30 day trial   period.  Realizing that all new endeavors require a period of adjustment, we provide ample time for faculty, families and children to settle into their new school routine with the confidence that we have made a happy match between family and school.   

Enrollment Procedure

Pathway Montessori is committed to helping

children and their families have a positive experience in their first years of school.  Finding just the right place can be a pleasure; knowing your child is in caring, knowledgeable hands.  
To this end, our enrollment procedure is designed to provide families the opportunity to get the most out of their school visit and feel confident about their school choice.  


1. Schedule a visit. Please contact the school to discuss your childcare needs and schedule a classroom observation.

2. Day of observation.  We prefer that both parent and child attend the scheduled observation.This enables you to see how our environment compliments your child's learning process and gives us an opportunity to get to know your child.

3. Phone call follow up.  We recommend a phone conference the afternoon of your scheduled morning visit. A phone call follow up with the director can be scheduled at the time of your visit to discuss any questions in detail and the next step in enrolling your child.   

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