Summer Sessions

Pathway offers a variety of program options to appeal to your child. Whether your child is an artist in training or enjoys working with her/his hands, there is something for everyone!
Summer Sessions run two weeks, during which a theme is emphasized and explored.  Past themes have been:

​The Summer Program

Pathway Montessori offers children a unique summer experience!  We believe the long summer days lend themselves to an easy pace.  Whether we're tending our beautiful garden, running through the sprinkler, or exploring the wonders of the world around, we offer a program that harkens back to the days when children were allowed the time to slow down and take in the summer.  In addition to our enriching classroom curriculum, we find spending a large part of the day outside in nature enlivens the spirit and catches the imagination.  

Summer Schedules

3,4 or 5 Half Days           8:45am - 12:45pm

3,4 or 5 Full Days            7:30am -  5:30pm

3/2 Split                                3 Full Days 2 Lunch Days

2/3 Split                                2 Full Days 3 Lunch Days

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Summer camp schedules are flexible. If you don't see a schedule that fits yours needs, please contact us at 630-963-0394

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​a learning community built around children

  • ​Reptiles
  • Carpentry Shop 
  • Art All Around
  • All about Earth / Geology
  • Sculpture
  • Backyard Bugs

                         ​​            ...Just to name a few!